I’ve been thinking about my pain condition recently, and it occurred to me to wonder – would I be asexual if I wasn’t in constant pain?

My first crush happened when I was in second grade. And it was adorable and so cute, and mostly me thinking he was cute and that I wanted to dance with him. (I was very into ballet.)

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A Love Letter to the Tightwire

Here’s the thing. When you first start wirewalking, you take one step onto the wire and lose your balance and fall. And that’s OK. That’s how it’s supposed to go. That’s how you learn. You land on your feet and get back up on the wire and try again. And it takes time, so much time, before you get to two steps, and then three, and then four, and you keep falling. A controlled fall is better than an uncontrolled one that injures you, anyways. (You learn this the hard way.)

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