life update

I have a cold. And this wouldn’t really be worth mentioning, except I know I had colds last year, and I was in a lofted bed (i.e. I had to climb a ladder to get into bed) then, and I’m pretty sure I didn’t have to expend so much effort to climb into bed.

I’m also pretty sure that everything hurts more than last year. No clue why, no clue by what mechanism (or brain/nervous system fuck-up). Oh, and I’ve been having muscle spasms that I need to report to my neurologist, because they’re a side effect of one of my meds that might become permanent if something isn’t done, and isn’t that a cheery thought?

At least I have a different roommate than last year. (Last year’s roommate went to bed a solid 3-4 hours before I do, and had the audacity to complain when I would turn my desk lamp on while she was trying to sleep. Mind, this was when she was wearing a sleep mask. Eventually I started to worry that if I breathed too loud she would wake up. That is not what a roommate relationship is supposed to look like.) This year’s roommate has similar mental/emotional stuff to me going on, and we both have mild executive dysfunction, so we basically just order each other around a lot (in a very loving way). She is the best friend I have had in years. It felt bizarre going home for the weekend because she wasn’t sleeping across the room. So, that’s going shockingly well. (The upside is, we’re both depressed, so we get each other really well. The downside is, we’re both depressed, so the room is never clean.)

And I have just been informed by my phone that I forgot to take my meds. Typical.


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