Rain (Some Thoughts About Water)

Water is used for Baptism, and obviously holy water is used for the Sign of the Cross at the beginning and end of Mass, so it carries this sense of blessing. Also, “In the beginning… a wind swept over the waters,” is the beginning of the Creation story. So water is very associated with God for me.

And I love the rain. I’ve been thinking about this recently, and about water as (a metaphor for) blessings from God, and how people wear raincoats and use umbrellas and stay inside when it’s raining. And I think there are interesting parallels with the way people behave towards rain and the way people behave towards God. Like, “Oh, this is so inconvenient, it’s raining,” is in some ways similar to the whole “God, now isn’t really a great time for me – I have real-life things that need doing” thing. Because (what I have heard is that) God calls people at times that are not necessarily convenient for the person, because God is not meant to be convenient. God is meant to be God. And honestly? It’s never particularly convenient to make time for God. There is always something that needs doing, there is always another homework assignment or test or presentation or whatever real-life things you have to do. But God deserves time, too.


[I use “real-life” here to describe the normal, everyday home/work/school/etc. things people have to do (e.g. homework or laundry).]


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