I Hate My Body (Part Two)

At this moment, I am wearing a thermal shirt, cotton sweatshirt, and fleece sweater; two pairs of socks – my regular ankle socks and a pair of very thick wool socks; and three pairs of pants – thermal leggings, regular leggings, and sweatpants. I also have on a nice, cozy hat. I am only now beginning to warm up.

I haven’t been outside in four hours.

According to everyone else in the vicinity, the temperature of the room is comfortable.

My muscles are all stiff from being so cold.

The point I am trying to make here is that my body does not do temperature regulation. I’ve finally resorted to pulling the trick my sister uses – wearing more than one sweater. To be honest, I still feel cold.

(I feel like this was supposed to have a point, but I’m so cold that I can’t actually think straight, despite the fact that I am not in a cold room.)


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