I Hate My Body

I hate my body.

Ok, so what I mean by this is not that I hate how I look. I actually completely love how I look. I love my boobs, and my waist, and my hips, and my butt, and basically everything, including my face.

No, what I hate is my actual physiological body. It kinda sucks. It hurts all the time. It gets tired super easily. And (this is what inspired this), when I have coffee (not when I take pills with caffeine in them or have soda or tea or whatever, just coffee) it is the actual worst.

When I have coffee, even decaf, it is guaranteed that an hour later (sometimes less) I will feel super shaky, no more alert, and have to pee every twenty minutes. This is not fun, OK?? It is not fun. I had a decaf mocha at noon-ish, and now, at almost 5pm, I still feel horrible.

(Side note: what is the half-life of caffeine in the body? Time to Google!! Answer: In healthy adults, about 5-6 hours.)

Another thing I hate about my body: medications like Advil or Tylenol don’t work very well for me. I have no idea why.


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