Posting on Tumblr vs. Posting on Facebook

When I realized that I’m ace, I wrote some stuff about my experiences up to that point. And then on Ace Day (May 8th 2015), I posted them. On both Facebook and Tumblr.

I got a pretty decent response of likes and reblogs on Tumblr, as I had tagged my posts #ace day.

I also got a very positive response on Facebook, from the around fifteen people who looked at the posts.

And then a few days later I was on Facebook and checked my messages. And I had one from my honorary aunt M. She said that maybe it wasn’t a great idea to post what I had posted on Facebook, because she didn’t want me to get hurt. And at first I was off-put and a little offended, because it felt like she didn’t want me to be true to myself. (In the way that lies of omission are still lies, and I feel really awkward not telling people that I’m ace.)

So I got off Facebook for a couple days. When I went back, I re-read the posts, and realized that yes, they were very personal and had information that maybe shouldn’t have been shared with a bunch of people. So I deleted the posts from my Facebook account.

I did not, however, delete them from my Tumblr. They are still posted there.

Which brings me to the main point of this, i.e. posting on Tumblr as opposed to posting on Facebook. I think the main thing is that Facebook is very personal, by which I mean that on Facebook, everything is connected to the name of a person. On Tumblr, everything is much more anonymous. I use a nickname, which is one that I get called in real life, but I don’t share any personally identifying information. That’s the big difference why I feel comfortable having this super-revealing post still up on Tumblr but not Facebook.

Another reason is that my Tumblr blog is mostly fandom reblogs, where my Facebook is mostly social justice things (e.g. gun control stuff in wake of the UCC shooting, or shares from Upworthy about topics I find interesting/important). This means that stuff that gets posted on Tumblr has a buffer of fluff that what I post on Facebook does not. So I’m more comfortable putting personal writing up on Tumblr, because it would be easier for people to ignore.


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