A social system or set of connecting social systems built around domination, oppression, and submission. The word is a neologism coined by Elisabeth Schüssler Fiorenza in 1992 to describe her theory of interconnected, interacting, and self-extending systems of domination and submission, in which a single individual might be oppressed in some relationships and privileged in others. It is an intersectional extension of the idea of patriarchy beyond gender. Kyriarchy encompasses sexism, racism, homophobia, classism, economic injustice, colonialism, ethnocentrism, militarism, and other forms of dominating hierarchies in which the subordination of one person or group to another is internalized and institutionalized. (Taken from the Wikipedia article)

Basically, this is why I am privileged as a middle-class white person but subjected to historical and internalized oppression as an asexual woman.  (I am not, however, part of the dominant American culture in terms of ethnic heritage and religion. The only part of the WASP descriptors that applies to me is “white,” and to be honest, even that is kind of iffy historically. My ancestors [from as recent as three generations ago] are from ethnic groups [Italian, Irish] that were historically seen as either “not white enough” [Italian] or somehow subhuman [Irish]. I am also Catholic, not Protestant, which puts me in a historically-demonized-by-Americans group. Just saying.)


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